Monday, December 16, 2013

Celebrating Christmas

Hands down, Christmastime is our family's favorite time of year. 

It is my husband's habit to take time off around the end of the year to pour time and love into our family and create memories for our children. Oh, I love that man!

Sometimes, though, that kind of memory-making gets a bit involved. Once it required driving to the mountains looking for enough snow for a snowball fight. We don't usually have enough where we live, so Hubs piled us all in the car and off we went to the mountains!

Other times we've had 24-hour Christmas movie marathons. This mama always falls asleep first. I still haven't seen a couple movies all the way through, yet. 

One year we went to every local Christmas  parade we could find. The kids' favorite was the one with tractors that pulled a bunch of kids on that favorite of red-neck, homemade sleds: garbage can lids. Some of the entries in that parade were riding lawn mowers, too. The kiddos will never forget that!

Some of our best Christmases have been the ones that didn't look like a Norman Rockwell painting.  My children still remember the year the turkey fryer exploded on their Papaw's porch--which led to my observation, "It isn't really a party unless something catches on fire, breaks down, or involves bandages."  Odd how in retrospect, that sentiment seems to cover a lot of past family get-togethers, but we won't go there today. 

Now that we are a pastor's family, there is more to do. More places to go, more people to see in sickness and shut-ins to visit. More people to meet and tell about Jesus. We try to have fun with our kids, and keep JESUS at the center of it all. 

I think that's why we enjoy Christmas and Easter so much--the gift of Jesus' birth, life, death, and resurrection is worth celebrating. The joy He has brought into my life is real--it's a thrill to share that with my family.

And there's so much left to do!

The ladies from church are coming over for a party soon; the church is renting a bus to go see a local Christmas light-show; we have three family birthdays in the next three weeks; our Christmas play practice is proceeding nicely; and we have two , no, three outings with other families planned. 

Thankfully we finished our first semester of homeschool this week (oh, yeah, play that Hallelujah chorus!), and the paperwork has been sent off. Did I mention I haven't done any shopping yet? Whew!

So life is busy right now, but in a good, "Thank You, Lord!" kind of way. 

I am going to take a short blog-vacation until after Christmas, because my bloggy life is ALWAYS second to life with this crew God has given me.  Merry Christmas and God bless you,  my friends!

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Stacie said...

So much fun, Gin!!!
God bless you, Merry Christmas, and enjoy your family!