Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Tea Mix Gift Jars

I'm re-posting one of my favorite warm drink recipes from last year. My daughters and I love to make jar mixes for friends, family, and ourselves, too. Some of my church cookbooks that I've collected have similar recipes called Russian tea, friendship tea, or spice tea--but around here we call it gone! 

~~You'll Need~~

a pint jar, 1-2 boxes of red hots, a capful of  Tang, the same amount of instant tea, preferably with lemon, and a special tool


Any recipe that involves the meat mallet is a keeper, I say. 


This is so easy-peasy, that I'm almost embarrassed to have a how-to. Basically you just layer each ingredient in the jar. But the only little trick is to tamp down the powder in the jar between additions to make sure the layers do not mix. 

  Tea first. 

Tamp, tamp, tamp  

Now the Tang. Try to not make as big a mess as I did. 

Tamp it down too. 

Layer in the red hots. 
Notice the health conscious message.  Did that comfort anyone else besides me? 

Then pretty it up and give it away with a tag that includes directions to add the contents of the jar with one gallon of hot water. Blessings!

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Theresa Powers said...

I love that, a fat-free food! I used to love Tang as a child. I remember my mom making tea from it too! Thanks for sharing with us at the Christmas Hop! Going to try this :D!Blessings, Theresa

Gin said...
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Gin said...

Theresa, we are usually as sugar-free as possible around here, but this drink is nice and warm on a cold day. We seem to have about as many outdoor activities in the cold weather (like caroling!) as the warm, so a nice hot drink like this is a take-along treat. Blessings!

Judith Kowles said...

Thanks so much Gin!! I Pinned it as I am seriously thinking of giving 'jar' gifts this year.