Saturday, February 15, 2014

A Bowl of Snowcream

The South has been hit hard by winter this year.  Once all that mountain snow melts, we may have a flooding emergency.

Or a super-tubing opportunity for all those who look at things with the half-full glass perspective.


Some relatives and friends who work in local public schools have enjoyed something quite rare around here:


And my children did not. Oh, I'd let them go play for a while in the few snow events we've had in the Tennessee Valley, but then we'd get right back to school. We firmly believe in getting work done so we can have warm and pretty days free. Many of my closest homeschool buddies do the same thing.

But then we had the biggest snow event in 21 years this week ( I should have listened to Grandpa Mose!), and since this was a once-in-a-childhood-event for Southern kids, I gave in: we had a snowday. The whole day.

Our little neck of the woods had almost seven inches of snow this week. Now that's a big deal to an area where a forecast of two inches sends people into snow-induced grocery-panic.

Along with a snow day came the snowball fights, the snow angels, the sliding, and my kids' favorite--


Typical snowcream recipes have a main ingredient of sweetened condensed milk. That's a no-go in our sugar-sensitive household.  So I came up with a diabetic-friendly version that still tastes a lot like Mom's.

In a  1 quart mixing bowl, combine:

2 packages of instant dry milk
2 cups of Splenda
2 tsp. vanilla extract

Mix your dry ingredients and add enough water to get 2 cups of liquid mixture. It will be thick.

Then add 1 cup of half and half.  Add this to two gallons of fresh clean snow. 

I can barely believe I just typed a recipe that calls for two GALLONS of snow. That's almost unthinkable for this area!

 Stir until combined and serve. And watch your kiddos' hearts melt!

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Stacie said...

We made snow ice cream, too! Snow just seems to be everywhere right now. We don't take snow days, either, we didn't even take today off (Pres. Day). But, we did take Valentine's Day off since my husband was home and that was a lot of fun.
Take care and happy snow schooling!